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We have been working closely with the Vice-Chancellor and the BPC Judges. The Vice-Chancellor’s guidance note sets out the approach to be taken during the pandemic, together with links to further resources. The emphasis is upon close co-operation between parties and with the Court in order to enable remote hearings to proceed. Proposals for the logistics for remote hearings should be agreed well in advance. Electronic bundles are to be limited to the documents which are essential to the issues to be determined.

During the pandemic, a number of Guidelines and Practice Directions have been issued. We set these out below, together with other relevant documents including support material provided by the Northern Circuit Coronavirus Task Force. Please also see the Civil page for important materials and guidance for County Court hearings.


Manchester BPC Standard Procedure for Remote Hearings (20.04.20)

Position Summary and Guide for Urgent Applications (31.03.20) - Snowden J

Contact Details for Urgent Hearings

Temporary Insolvency Direction

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