At the present time the Courts are unable to conduct jury trials. Efforts are underway to the increase the capacity of the work in the courts. But on any view it is going to be some time before jury trials begin again. In the meantime practitioners should pay close attention to the merits of cases that are pending trial, identifying those cases in which compromise would be appropriate. Any case that is capable of resolution will be capable of being concluded.

During the pandemic a number of Guidelines and Practice Directions have been issued.

On this page we set those out together with other relevant documents including support material provided by the Northern Circuit Coronavirus Task Force.



Carlisle Local Practice Direction 1/2021

Carlisle Crown Court listing (18.06.20)


Updated guidance from Chester Crown Court (18.01.21)

Chester Crown Court Guidance (05.10.20)

Chester Crown Court Guidance (20.07.20)

Chester Crown Court Guidance 15th June 2020 (Court opening guidance)

Chester Crown Court Guidance (11.05.20)

Chester Crown Court - DCS Guidance

Message from HHJ Everett, Honorary Recorder of Chester


LPD 2/2021  Trial Readiness Hearings ( 08.03.2021 )

LPD 1/2021 - Attendance of Advocates at Court (08.01.2021)

Local Practice Direction 3/2020 - "Bank" cases & Attendance of advocates at Court (12.11.20)

S.28 Protocol (26.10.20)

Lancashire Crown Courts PD - Accommodating Advocates w. Caring Responsibilities & Attendance of Advocates at Court (31.07.20)

Preston Crown Court: The Professional Access Scheme ("fast track entry") (17.07.20)

The Virtual Court & Trial Assessment and Resolution Hearings (03.07.20) (LPD 1/2020)

Lancashire Crown Courts No2 on Listing Arrangements (23.06.20)

Preston Crown Court - Directions in Appeals against Sentence

Lancashire Crown Courts - Sentencing of Defendants who are on bail (effective 11.05.20)

Lancashire Crown Courts - Guidance Note on Listing Arrangements (effective 11.05.20)

Lancashire Listing Arrangements

Message from HHJ Brown, Honorary Recorder of Preston


QEII Home Testing Pilot (04.03.21)

Masks in Liverpool Crown Court (15.01.21)

Liverpool Crown Court - Revised Guidance Note #9.1 - Attendance at court (in response to new national restrictions from 4 January 2021)

Liverpool Crown Court - Guidance Note #9 - Attendance at court (in response to new national restrictions 05.11.20)

Liverpool Crown Court -Guidance Note #8 - FCMH - trial review hearing

Liverpool Crown Court - Guidance Note #7 - operating hours and temporary am-pm model

Liverpool Crown Court - Guidance Note #6 - General Update for Practitioners

Liverpool Crown Court  - Guidance Note #5 - Attendance at court of defendants 

Liverpool Crown Court - Guidance Note #4 - Resuming Appeals (29.05.20)

Liverpool Crown Court - Guidance Note  - section 28 hearings (effective 11.05.20)

Liverpool Crown Court- Guidance Note (v4 22.04.20)

Liverpool Guidance Note on Remote Hearings (V.3 15.04.20)

Liverpool Guidance Note on extension of time apps

Liverpool Guidance Note on Remote Hearings

Liverpool Skype Guide

Liverpool Guidance Note - HHJ Menary QC, Honorary Recorder of Liverpool


Crown Square Robing Rooms (18.03.21)

Crown Square Report (09.03.21)

Manchester Minshull Street & Bolton - conference/ overspill rooms (18.01.21)

DCS & Covid Protocol - Manchester Minshull Street  - January 2021

DCS & COVID Protocol - Manchester Crown Square November 2020

Manchester & Bolton Crown Courts - Note effective 20th July 2020

Crown Square - Timetable for Preparation for Socially Distanced Trials (02.07.20)

Crown Square PTR Questionnaire (16.06.20)

Manchester Courts Guidance Note: Defendants on Bail (23.06.20)

Manchester & Bolton Crown Courts - Guidance Note - Defendants on Bail (01.05.20)


National Material

Form 5009 - CVP (effective 01.02.21)

Guide to the availability of live links in magistrates’ courts under their criminal and civil jurisdiction

Letter from the Vice President re appearances before the CACD (12.01.20)

Lucima -v- Central Criminal Court and DPP -v- Woolwich (26.11.20)

Withdrawal of CTL Protocol (02.09.20)

CTL refusal. - HHJ Raynor - Woolwich Crown Court

Face coverings in courts & tribunals (23.07.20)

Courts & Tribunals Recovery (01.07.20)

Resumption of Jury Trials - Joint statement by Circuit Leaders (12.05.20)

Interim guidance on listing as trials resume (President QBD 12.05.20)

R v Manning (Lord Chief Justice: Relevance of COVID19 : Suspended sentence)

Revised Protocol for CTL Cases

Summary Table - Remote Hearings

CPS Note on Fees

Review of Court Arrangements  - COVID19 - Lord Chief Justice

Bar Council Criminal Billing Seminar

Interview Protocol

Presider and Circuit  Material

Chester Town Hall Nightingale Report

Resumption of Jury Trials in North Wales (15.06.20)

Letter from the Recorder of Leeds 7th May 2020

BT MeetMe -Presider's Direction - Dove J

Skype for Business -Presider's Direction - Dove J

Northern Circuit - Practitioner's Guide  - Skype for Business

Manually granting Skype for Business access to Mac microphone

Jury Trials Working Group & Announcements

Updated list of courts resuming jury trials (20.11.20)

More Courts listed to resume jury trials (31.07.20)

Latest courts to resume jury trials (24.07.20)

Further update - 6 more courts to resume jury trials (17.07.20)

Six more courts to resume jury trials (13.07.20)

16 more courts to resume jury trials (03.07.20)

More courts set to resume jury trials (19.06.20)

Additional courts set to resume Jury Trials (12.06.20)

More face-to-face hearings as courts reopen (08.06.20)

Message from Mr Justice Edis 22.05.20

Update - initial Courts identified 13.05.20

Resumption of trials 11.05.20

Initial Announcement 24.04.20

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