Leader's Messages

Throughout the period of the pandemic, the Leader of the Northern Circuit, Lisa Roberts QC, has provided the Circuit with regular messages.

March 2021

21.03.21   In Brief April 2021

09.03.21   Jeremy Grout-Smith

February 2021

17.02.21   More Nightingales and a ‘Super Court

January 2021

28.01.21     HHJ Lever

28.01.21     HHJ Lever Valedictory (HHJ Potter)

18.01.21     Wearing of face masks/ coverings in court (SPJ & Deputy SPJ)

15.01.21     Letter from Chief Executive of HMCTS to all Circuit Leaders

14.01.21     Covid-19 court safety update from the Chair of the Bar and Circuit leaders 

04.01.21     National Lockdown

December 2020

23.12.20    So this is Christmas

01.12.20    Advent

November 2020

15.11.20    Bar Conference 2020

13.11.20    Face coverings in robing rooms (Chair of Bar & Chief Exec HMCTS letter)

03.11.20    Message from our Presiding Judges  

01.11.20    You Only Lockdown Twice

01.11.20    New COVID-19 restrictions for England

October 2020

23.10.20     MyBar Court Access Scheme 

08.10.20     Preston Crown Court & Bar Mock Trial

08.10.20     S.28 Meeting - Preston

08.10.20    Young Citizens Bar Mock Trial Competition 2021

06.10.20    Champagne Supernova

06.10.20    Black History Month

06.10.20    A double act

September 2020

24.09.20   Courtroom Drama

24.09.20   The Lowry

24.09.20   Listing Document for The Lowry

04.09.20   We've come a long, long way together

04.09.20   HMCTS contact details

04.09.20   Northern Circuit Race Working Group - terms of reference

02.09.20   Face masks, court security and safety 

August 2020

26.08.20    Bob Golinski

20.08.20    Crown Square - HMCTS update 20.08.20

18.08.20    PHE Factsheet for Crown Square court users

17.08.20.   QE2 - HMCTS update 17.08.20

15.08.20    Crown Square - further HMCTS update

14.08.20    Rollercoaster

14.08.20    HMCTS Update re Crown Square

13.08.20    Crown Square etc. 

12.08.20    HMCTS update on COVID issues in Cheshire and Merseyside

12.08.20    Crown Square update

10.08.20    Crown Square   

07.08.20    John Broadley - a request

05.08.20    John Broadley - words from HHJ Peter Davies

05.08.20.   The funeral of John Broadley

03.08.20    John Broadley - words from HH David Stockdale QC

03.08.20    Flexible/extended/Covid/shift/am-pm hours

02.08.20    John Broadley

July 2020

24.07.20    And here are the headlines

17.07.20    A little less conversation, a little more action

10.07.20    Northwest Tonight

03.07.20    Same as before, only different

03.07.20    HHJ Mark Brown

June 2020

26.06.20     At the end of a storm is a golden sky

19.06.20    Keep smiling through, just like you always do

18.06.20    Carlisle Crown Court

15.06.20    CPS Fees: S28 Hearings & Cracked Trials

12.06.20    Actions speak louder than words

10.06.20    Message to all Circuiteers

05.06.20    My heart aches

01.06.20   The (other) Monday Message

01.06.20    Manchester CJC Visit (29.05.20)

May 2020

29.05.20    Short but sweet

22.05.20    Thinking of you

20.05.20    Managing Covid 19 risks in open courts on Circuit

20.05.20    HMCTS and PJ Note of meeting 19.05.20

20.05.20    HMCTS Site and Contact details

15.05.20    I get by with a little help from my friends

13.05.20    Return to work?

12.05.20    Message from all the Circuit Leaders

12.05.20    Manchester Minshull Street trials 

07.05.20    Back to life, back to reality

07.05.20    Manchester Minshull Street Update

07.05.20    Manchester Crown Square Update

07.05.20    Re Guidance from the Recorder of Leeds

05.05.20    QEII Update 

01.05.20    Somewhere over the rainbow

April 2020

24.04.20     Mixed Messages

17.04.20     Bring me sunshine, in your smile...

09.04.20     Feel the love

07.04.20     Birdsong

06.04.20     We will meet again

03.04.20     Lisa Roberts and the Order of the CTF

02.04.20     Things can't change and stay the same

01.04.20     One Small Step

March 2020

31.03.20     We are Family

30.03.20     Scientia Potentia est...as we say in the North

27.03.20     That Friday Feeling

27.03.20     Leader's Message re Temporary Court Closures

26.03.20     Just when you thought it was safe....

25.03.20     Keep on Keeping on

24.03.20     Day One in the Lockdown House

23.03.20     Latest Information at 23:30 re Court tomorrow

23.03.20     Advice Following the Prime Minister's Advice (Lockdown)

23.03.20     Circuit Task Force

20.03.20     COVID Free Zone

19.03.20     Circuit Leaders' Message (from Leaders of all Circuits)

18.03.20     Coronavirus Update

17.03.20     Coronavirus Update

16.03.20     Coronavirus

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"We will get through this. I promise. Be sensible, be patient, be resourceful. And above all, be kind to one and other."

Lisa Roberts QC

Leader of the Northern Circuit