Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is a superior court of record in its own right. The primary function is make decisions on behalf of protected persons who by reason of mental incapacity cannot make a decision for themselves. This covers all aspects of their health and welfare and property and affairs. The President of the Court is Sir Andrew McFarlane and the Vice President is Sir Anthony Hayden, the Senior Judge for the COP is HHJ Hilder. The regional lead judge for this Circuit is HHJ Butler who sits at The Civil Justice Centre in Manchester. During the pandemic a number of guidelines and templates have been issued by the Vice President and Senior Judge.

During the pandemic a number of Guidelines and Practice Directions have been issued.

On this page we set those out together with other relevant documents including support material provided by the Northern Circuit Coronavirus Task Force.

Court Material

Manchester CJC-  Rapid Testing 

Face coverings in courts & tribunals (23.07.20)

Courts & Tribunals Recovery (01.07.20)

Letter from Vice President of the Court of Protection dated 11 May 2020

Letter from the Vice President of the Court of Protection to the Association of Directors of Adult Services dated 4 May 2020

Letter from the Vice President of the Court of Protection - Mr Justice Hayden (04.05.20)

Remote Hearings in the Court of Protection (31.03.20  - Hayden J) 

Template Order

COP Bar Covid19 Note (HHJ Butler)

CTF & Other Material

Manchester CJC Visit (29.05.20)

Guidance on assessing mental capacity in different ways during COVID-19

Measures to manage DOLS authorisations during COVID-19

COP Updating note from Taskforce

CPBA Effective Remote Hearings 07.04.20

CTF Update 07.04.20

Manchester Civil Justice Centre

     Circuit Lead

     Lorraine Cavanagh KC

     Circuit Team

     Julia Cheetham KC

     Eleanor Keehan

     Useful Links

     COP Bar Association (CPBA)

     COP Practitioners Association (CoPPA)

     Guidance from the Vice President

     Risk Assessments