About 27 years ago I began my legal adventure, here on the Northern Circuit. There was never any doubt as to where I would seek pupillage: I am a proud Northerner. But what the intervening years have shown me is that wherever you are from, and whatever your background, the Northern Circuit is the best place to practise.

We have 1500 practitioners on Circuit and offer quality, tailor-made pupillages in which you will undertake a variety of high quality work, and can expect a busy diary, from the moment you are ‘on your feet’. Pupillages on the Northern Circuit are always given on the basis that there is every intention of that pupil becoming a tenant.

Ours is not a Circuit where multiple pupils compete for only one tenancy. Consequently, although the competition is strong for selecting the very best pupils, once you arrive on Circuit you will be welcomed, nurtured and respected. Ours is a friendly and inclusive Circuit, steeped in a proud tradition but with an eye to the future.

I look forward to you being part of that future. Welcome to the Northern Circuit.

Lisa Roberts KC

Leader of the Northern Circuit

A video message from Lisa Roberts KC, Leader of the Northern Circuit, delivered to the Bar Council Pupillage Fair 2020

For future pupils we have got some hints and tips to help you if you are thinking of applying to our Circuit.

Here on the Northern Circuit we think we can offer you something very special.  Follow us on @CircuitNorth


Jaime Hamilton KC

David Temkin KC

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