It is not  "Business as usual" for the Bar at this time.

The well being of practitioners is of vital importance to the Circuit community. Our Northern Circuit Wellbeing Team are here to advise and to help.

The Circuit will support you if you feel it is not safe to attend Court. 

Court Covid Notifications 

Court Covid Notifications  (from 11.01.21)

Court Safety 

If, upon attending a courthouse or tribunal building, you are worried about anything or feel that something is not in place that should be, please ask to speak to the court manager, the Operations Manager with responsibility for the building (below), or contact HMCTS.COVID-19ResponseTeam@justice.gov.uk.

North Eastern Circuit Women's Forum - EOH A Risk Assessment (23.07.20)

Face coverings in courts & tribunals (23.07.20)

HMCTS Operational Managers - Sites and contact details 20.5.20 

Notes of a meeting on court safety between the Presiding Judges, HMCTS and the Northern Circuit 19.5.20

Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus testing guidance and Northern sites. (links to an external site)

Mental Wellbeing

Wellbeing Survival Plan for 2021

Maypole Meditation (audio)

Maypole Meditation

Circuit Wellness Update (April 2020)

Northern Circuit Wellbeing Guide 

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