Cloud Video Platform

Cloud Video Platform (CVP)

What is CVP?

Common Video Platform (CVP) is a secure digital network that gives HMCTS and the judiciary the ability to manage and conduct cases digitally with other trial and hearing participants, where those participants have access to the internet and have a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Where can CVP be used?

CVP is a digital solution meaning it can be accessed from any video and audio capable computer, laptop, phone and tablet that has an internet connection. Anyone using CVP should be doing so in a quiet, private location where other people will not be able to hear or see what is being said on the CVP call.

Issues Raised and Fixes

We will add issues and potential solutions here.


Suggested Fix

Screenshare not working on Mac Check your Mac permissions. System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording and add in Chrome. Then restart browser.