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Discover Your Future in Law with the Northern Circuit Bar

At the Northern Circuit, we are committed to promoting careers in the law to those from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds. Our outreach program is more than just an introduction to law; it's a platform for future change-makers. Embrace this opportunity to ask questions, spark your curiosity, and connect with professionals who can guide you on your journey to a potential career in law. Through our outreach work, we aim to inspire, and provide access and resources, to those who may have not been able to previously consider a career at the Bar.

The Northern Circuit through it’s dedicated and committed team provides talks to schools, college and university students on careers at the Bar, how to become a barrister, and the working life of a barrister.

Our current outreach initiatives are listed below.
For Schools and Colleges: Uncover the mysteries of the legal profession with our interactive and engaging sessions designed specifically for young minds. Ever wondered what it's like to be a lawyer, judge, or legal expert? Dive into the fascinating world of law through fun activities and inspiring stories from real legal professionals. Discover how laws protect us, our society, and the environment. Learn about your rights, the significance of justice, and how law shapes our world. This is your chance to explore a career that makes a real difference!

For University Students: Thinking about career in the law? Step into the world of legal studies with our comprehensive workshops and seminars. We offer a realistic glimpse into the life of a law student and the diverse career paths in the legal field. Engage with seasoned lawyers, law professors, and recent graduates who will share insights, experiences, and advice. Participate in thought-provoking discussions and networking opportunities that will illuminate the challenges and rewards of a legal career. Whether you're interested in corporate law, criminal justice, human rights, or environmental law, our program provides the tools and knowledge to forge your path in the legal world.

Who can Join Us:.
Our outreach program is open to all school children, college students and university students who have an interest in law, regardless of background. We believe in diversity and inclusivity and are dedicated to making the legal profession accessible to everyone.

At the Northern Circuit Bar, we are passionate about nurturing future legal talents. Whether you're just curious or firmly set on a legal career, we're here to support and guide you. Join us, and take the first step towards an exciting and rewarding future in law!

Contact us at or complete this form for more information and to participate in our outreach programs.

Let's shape the future of law, together!